Feedback from current and recent clients

"Frances is smart, strong and empathetic, an amazing listener, advisor and action woman. A champion of women who don't know their strength yet. I have learned so much from her."
Andreea, IT

"From the first time I met Frances I knew she was one of those people who ‘got it’. She is inspiring and empathetic. Her depth of knowledge of all things change, business and life is immense. Her clarity of vision on how to approach what seem insurmountable hurdles with simplicity and ease is amazing. She provides focus, is hugely supportive and gently persuades you to build your confidence and self-belief. I recommend her whole-heartedly."
Ali, Change Management

"Frances has been instrumental in both my personal and professional life, to break down my self-limiting beliefs and encourage my growth. My time with her has encouraged me to push myself out of my comfort zone and do things I would normally feel shy or nervous about. It has resulted in me widening my network in so many ways and getting a promotion."
Emma, Marketing

"Having a mentor as inspiring, motivated and committed to my development both personally and professionally as Frances has been an amazing journey for me. Through her coaching I have a self belief, confidence that I didn't know I had. I can see the difference in myself and continue to grow after every session, and have new life skills that I use in both my personal life and career to deal with difficult situations very differently. "
Lauren, Sales