Winter Survival Guide 2020/21 - Mid-month Nudge - October

Link to the main October post is here.

How is the reflection going? And the gratitude practice? As we step towards further lockdown measures here in the UK, these actions will support you in stepping calmly into it this time (clunk, click, for those who remember!) rather than relive the chaotic herding we experienced back in March.

Here are a couple of personal observations from the last couple of weeks:

-         Gratitude is easier when the sun is shining, I’ve slept well and work feels under control. That goes without saying maybe. As I have mentioned before, by practising when it’s still relatively easy you’re creating a positive habit and cultivating a positive mindset - all good stuff. I’ve written in my little journal 7 times since the beginning of October (actually 6, plus one Instagram post dedicated to this series @fjcoaching) so about every couple of days then. All but one mention the weather – so British!

-         There are about 8 kinds of horticultural grit. ‘Add grit’ (to your compost) said Monty. So I went to the garden centre to look for grit and tried to work out the difference between grit sand, potting grit, alpine grit, sharp sand, etc. I’m still not sure it matters, but the short version is…yes, I planted some bulbs! And a very therapeutic 15 mins it was too. I’m very taken by the name ‘Amazing Parrot’, which as far as I can tell is just the stage name for a frilly red tulip.

How is it going for you? Did you make a start? If not, what got in your way? Today is a good day to catch up.

One new action:

At the beginning of October I posed these questions, with reference to reflecting on the previous 6 months:

What did you find, try, hear, read, learn? What did you have to get used to, or have learned to manage (without), throughout lockdown and social distancing? What useful habits did you acquire? What baggage are you still carrying around?

As an extra action, translate this into a list of recommendations gathered over the last 6 months, that you would happily pass on to a friend:

something to read, watch, listen to

something to buy, make or do

something to eat, drink or wear

someone to follow, a great website or service

My current/recent recommendations would look something like this:

Read: Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo

Listen to: Evil Genius (on BBC Sounds). I like hearing the other side of the story/person – it makes you realise that (of course) you make judgements based on what you know, but there’s always another perspective

Make: If you have 10 mins: energy balls with oats, dates, peanut butter and honey. If you have longer: Christmas cake! (or ‘seasonal spiced fruit cake’ if Christmas isn’t your thing)

Wear: handwarmers made from recycled cashmere – super soft and cosy and perfect for working at home if (like me) you get chilly sitting still 

Follow: Charlie Mackesy on Instagram. Buy his book if you can (and then buy it for everyone you know!). I’ve just bought a print from his online shop, partly because it’s beautiful and partly in recognition and gratitude for the work he has been sharing so generously this year.

Coming up next…

I’ve set up an Instagram account to accompany this series @fjcoaching and have been posting updates and nudges there regularly. Look out for the November post and a new theme in a couple of weeks!