2020-21 Winter Survival Guide – Welcome note - 1 October 2020

Well hello there!

Here we are at the turning of the seasons in the UK. We’ve managed to scramble through 6 months or so of great uncertainty, of mixed messages and unclear instructions, of limitations to our movement and postponed plans. Not always a happy experience and certainly not one that any of us could have foreseen this time last year. Unsettling at best, stressful at times, but we did it, one way or another, perhaps with a few tears and tantrums along the way.

So now what? The next 6 months looms ahead. Today in Brighton it’s a bright, autumnal day, both sunny and showery. In a few short weeks the clocks will move back, it will be colder, wetter and darker than it is today. Trying to project how that will feel reminds me a bit of arriving home in our flipflops (many years ago) from a holiday in Tobago, to find there had been a sudden late snowfall at Gatwick. You don’t really appreciate what it will be like until you’re in the middle of it. Conversation has turned to the next phase, and how hard and dispiriting it could be.

The truth is we have the equipment to power through the coming months, but in some cases it’s stuck in the back of the cupboard under the stairs, and the metaphorical charger is missing. So here’s what I propose:

From October 2020 to March 2021 I will offer a suite of support and guidance, to help you navigate the dark spots. Over the years I’ve amassed a quantity of change management tips (the day job), mindset and behaviour prompts and resilience tools so this is a curated sample of that collection. I hope its useful, and if nothing else a distraction over the coming months.

I’ve aligned the timing with when the clocks change in the UK, and as such the content may be a bit northern-hemisphere-centric. Expect a new theme each month, with some bite-size reflections, prompts, and at least one practical activity. A month could be a long time to wait between doses, so I’ll back it up with a few questions and suggestions to keep you on track. Think of it as a fortnightly boost with your morning cuppa.

Stay tuned for the first theme, for the brand new month of October…

 FJ x

PS Whilst I might make some recommendations, there will be no adverts, no sponsors, no junk. It’s free, because it’s good to share.