How I can help

My work is all about helping people to navigate change - individuals, teams and organisations - with a special interest in executive women in (or aspiring to) management and leadership roles. I'm a qualified coach and mentor, so I blend a coaching approach with a diverse set of tools depending on the situation. 
Common areas I encounter include clarifying priorities, building resilience, difficult workplace dynamics, dealing with unexpected/unwelcome change, and leading diverse teams.

There is no 'standard package' in my work - each client and situation is unique and we can build a toolkit around what you would like to achieve.

When I'm not working one to one, I'm a consultant in Organisational Change Management, working within organisations to design and deliver change that works for people. You can find out more about that on my LinkedIn profile.
I live in Brighton (UK) and make the most of technology to connect to colleagues around the world, so I can balance a busy family with the work I love to do.